Jason Lee

Jason Lee


Jason Lee has worked in the games industry for three years. Starting as an Associate Programmer before progressing to a Mid-Tier Programmer at d3t. His first credit was on Assetto Corsa Competizione and has since worked on two unannounced projects. He has a keen focus in editor and gameplay features, making the life of an artist or designer easier by using an autonomous approach including procedural methods. Animex is his first event which he can provide feedback and advice to prospective games developers, and something he's wanted to do since joining the industry.

Events featuring Jason Lee

Programming: Getting into the industry

Jason Lee | d3t

Jason Lee and Stuart Pentelow talk about entering the industry as a programmer, navigating the competitive landscape, and understanding things you can and can't control about most studios’ recruitment processes. Plus additional thought on what progression looks like in the industry from d3t's perspective and insight into co-development.

Animex Game