Stuart Pentelow

Stuart Pentelow

Associate Programmer

Stuart Pentelow has worked in games for three years now as an Associate Programmer at d3t. He's worked on Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodhunt and is now working on a new project. He specialises in graphics programming. He helped spearhead the mentoring of student university teams helping them produce portfolio pieces so that they can break into industry. His achievements include being one of the MCV Develop's 30 under 30 2022 cohort, acting as a judge for IG50, being a VGA ambassador and running Potluck Game Jam.

Events featuring Stuart Pentelow

Programming: Getting into the industry

Jason Lee | d3t

Jason Lee and Stuart Pentelow talk about entering the industry as a programmer, navigating the competitive landscape, and understanding things you can and can't control about most studios’ recruitment processes. Plus additional thought on what progression looks like in the industry from d3t's perspective and insight into co-development.

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