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11 - 15 November 2024

A pine marten character leaping to the left, its tail is curled up in the air.


Animex is an international festival of animation, games and VFX, hosted every year for the past 25 years by Teesside University.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended Animex 2023, and a special thank you to our sponsors and guest speakers who made last year’s event possible.

Animex 2023 was our biggest event so far but 2024 is going to be even bigger. Our team are busy making plans for Animex 2024 with some exciting news for collaboration with our international partners and the Tees Valley Combined Authority.

Be sure to follow our social media @AnimexFestival on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates about tickets, speakers from games and film studios; workshops and other Animex goodies.

Animex Events

Speaker pointing whilst giving talk.

Animex Game

Games talks from industry speakers.

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Speaker pointing whilst giving talk.

Animex AVFX

AVFX talks from industry speakers.

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A student is working on a character painting using  a graphics tablet

Animex Portfolio Reviews

Get some pointers from industry professionals.

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Some Animex attendees mixing with creators in a big hall

Animex Marketplace

Meet your favourite studios, discover a new one and try out new games and tech.

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A lecturer points to an image of two ballet dancers in poses on the whiteboard

Animex Pro Workshops

Come and learn from industry professionals.

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Epic games logo

Unreal Engine Education Mixer

Hear the latest news from Epic Games education development manager, James Butcher.

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Some Animex attendees mixing with creators in a big hall

Game Bridge x Animex

Network with industry and expand your network.

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A crowd looking at an art exhibition

Animex Exhibition

An exhibition featuring artwork from a range of artists, animators and illustrators.

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AVFX Lounge

Network with AVFX speakers and industry.

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A stop-motion animation being filmed on a smartphone


A fun workshop discovering the secrets of animation.

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A screen showing the poster image for Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

Animex Online Workshop

An opportunity for schools to learn more about the world of games.

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A character stands in front of a wall, flowers are breaking through the wall

Animex Screen

Animex Screen showcases amazing work by talented student animators from around the world.

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Speakers 2023

TT Games

Jade Crosby will be talking about creating your dream career as a games artist at Animex Game


Fern Griffiths will be speaking about level design at Animex Game

Cartoon Saloon

Jeremy Purcell will be talking about Puffin Rock at Animex AVFX

Aardman Animations

Magdalena Osinska will be talking about Star Wars: Visions at Animex AVFX


Fern Griffiths will be speaking about level design at Animex Game

Double Eleven

Tom Pedalino will be talking about Minecraft Dungeons at Animex Game


Curtis Jobling will be talking about breaking into animation at Animex AVFX


Toby Seale will be speaking about the film adaptation of Nimona at Animex AVFX

Impact - Many Cats Studios and Ukie's #RaiseTheGame

Harriet Frayling will be talking about disability and neurodivergence at Animex Marketplace

Big Thursday Creative

Ron Ashtiani will be discussing The Art of Direction at Animex Game

Sponsors 2023

Creative Assembly
Rockstar Games
Epic Games
Toon Boom
Behaviour Interactive
LightField London