Clement Capart

Clement Capart

Programmer and Director

Clement Capart is the programmer at High Tea Frog. He started the company to make indie games after years working in the AAA side of the game industry. They released Cake Bash in 2020, Seashell in 2022, and are currently working on their next title. He likes all sorts of things, so wants to make games which are very different from each other. He strives to be kind to everyone he meets, and he applies that in game development by trying to make everything as easy and convenient to use for everyone else in the team.

Events featuring Clement Capart

Deep dive into Cake Bash: Game art and programming

Laura Hutton | High Tea Frog
Clement Capart | High Tea Frog

A technical deep dive into Cake Bash was made. The game was shipped with online play on five platforms in two years, with a core team size of two. Laura is the artist who made everything you can see in the game, and Clement is the programmer who made it all work. Come and hear their story.

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