Laura Hutton

Laura Hutton

Artist and Director

Laura Hutton is High Tea Frog's resident artist. She left Ubisoft to start an indie company in 2017 and has released two games since then that she loves and is proud of. She's now working on something new that she's really excited about. She enjoys UV unwrapping and optimisation, and her favourite game is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

Events featuring Laura Hutton

Deep dive into Cake Bash: Game art and programming

Laura Hutton | High Tea Frog
Clement Capart | High Tea Frog

A technical deep dive into Cake Bash was made. The game was shipped with online play on five platforms in two years, with a core team size of two. Laura is the artist who made everything you can see in the game, and Clement is the programmer who made it all work. Come and hear their story.

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