Joe Borley

Joe Borley


Joe Borley has been a games producer at d3t for two years, with five years total project management and co-ordination experience. He started his games journey studying game art at Teesside and graduated in 2014. In his day-to-day role, he helps manage a multi-disciplined team to ensure that their workload is adequately managed, documented and updated. He believes it's critical that his team remain unblocked as best as possible to bring the features they are working on to fruition. Working in co-development means he gets the opportunity to work with different clients from other studios all over the world. When he's not working, he loves playing golf, football, Dungeons & Dragons, walking his dog Loki and cooking.

Joe Borley

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Introduction to production and working in co-dev

Joe Borley | d3t

In this session you explore the role of a producer and their part in creating a successful development cycle. You also look at industry standard tools and techniques to aid your understanding in project management and your role within it. Finally, you go through several group exercises to plan out the initial steps of a game project.

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