Chloe Patricia Hodgson

Chloe Patricia Hodgson

UX Designer

Ubisoft Reflections

Chloe is a User Experience (UX) designer, illustrator, and computer scientist from West Cumbria, currently working at Ubisoft Reflections. After studying at the University of York, where she carried out research on the design of educational games for autistic children, Chloe began a career in UX design to combine her artistic and engineering experience. This all stems from Chloe’s love of storytelling, and she aims to make the unique experiences we have through video games more immersive, emotional, and accessible. Additionally, she performs stand-up comedy, boulders, and spends a lot of time sitting in bookshop cafes.

Chloe will be speaking on Animex Pro about UI design!

Animex Pro

UX-pected me to talk about UI: Prioritising the players’ perspective throughout your game

Chloe Patricia Hodgson | Ubisoft Reflections

The role of a User Experience (UX) designer in games is different than in other industries. Despite the common label of ‘UI/UX’, the user-centered mindset should impact all phases of your project’s development to not only ensure usability, but power meaningful experiences for your players. This talk will cover an introduction to UX processes, how to begin taking UX beyond UI in games, and common barriers in fostering a culture of design which prioritises the players’ perspective.