Fern Griffiths

Fern Griffiths

Junior Level Designer

Fern Griffiths is a Junior Level Designer currently working at Ubisoft. She has a degree in animation and VFX and a masters in 3D animation. Fern then completed an additional masters in game design where she specialised in level design, carrying out research into the use of cognitive mapping as a tool to guide players in a non-intrusive way. A dedicated coffee drinker, with a love of immersive storytelling, when Fern is not creating levels, playing games, or writing about games and level design, she can be found exploring with her dog Millican.

Events featuring Fern Griffiths

Finding the plot: Level design techniques for visually communicating narrative to players

Fern Griffiths | Ubisoft

Story is a crucial part of many games, offering players the unique experience of being an active participant in the storytelling process. Level design is central to player experience and an integral way that games communicate with the player. It’s not just designing cool spaces for gameplay to take place in, but an important tool that can be used to tell stories, set the mood, and impact player emotions. This talk will cover ways that level design can be used to not only physically reflect the narrative but communicate it directly to the player.

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