Nick Marshall

Nick Marshall

DFX Supervisor

Nick Marshall is a DFX Supervisor at DNEG with over a decades experience. He spent most of his career as an environments artist and in 2015, when DNEG’s Vancouver studio opened, he made the move to North America. Shortly after, he stepped into the role of Head of Department for Environments and Generalists, overseeing work on blockbuster films including Dune and Uncharted. Nick made the move back into show supervision in 2021 as DFX Supervisor on HBO’s hit series The Last of Us and is currently DFX Supervisor on Dune: Part Two.

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Practical application of artistic principles for VFX

Nick Marshall | DNEG

In this workshop you look at creating artistically pleasing shots. You'll break down the creation of shots, looking at key concepts such as colour, composition, object design, shot design, lighting and atmosphere. You leave you with an understanding of how to control your VFX shots and level up your work from merely technically proficient to something that has artistic merit and makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Creating a post-apocalyptic world: The VFX of The Last of Us

Nick Marshall | DNEG

Join Nick Marshall for an in-depth look at the VFX of HBO’s hit series The Last of Us. Nick breaks down the creation of the vast environments in the show - from the first previsualisation tests, through to the modelling, surfacing, FX, animation, lighting, matte painting, and compositing that brought the iconic locations to life on our screens. Nick also discusses how striking a balance between beauty, photorealism, and compelling storytelling was key to the success of the visual effects work for the highly acclaimed series.

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