Gareth Harwood

Gareth Harwood

Technical Art Director

Playground Games

Gareth Harwood is the Technical Art Director for Playground Games, a UK based Xbox Games Studio. Gareth joined Playground Games in 2012 and has worked on all the Forza Horizon games, including the latest BAFTA award winning Forza Horizon 4.

Gareth initially joined as a Technical Artist, before being promoted to lead the Technical Art team on Horizon. Now as a Technical Art Director he is responsible for two teams working on two exciting new projects.

Gareth holds a BA hons in Digital Art, and has been making AAA games for over 10 years.

Outside of work Gareth is currently playing Apex Legends and Risk of Rain 2, enjoying quick pick-up-and-play gameplay. When not gaming Gareth enjoys boardgames and playing with his two sons.

Gareth will be speaking at Animex Game about Forza Horizon 5!


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Gareth Harwood | Playground Games

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