Lucy Kyriakidou

Lucy Kyriakidou


Lucy Kyriakidou’s art has helped bring several games to life, from small indie games to more recently Disney's Illusion Island, where she got to reimagine her fashion idol, Minnie Mouse. Character design is her first and forever love and is very proud of her 2020 Game Dev Heroes award in the Art + Animation category. With over a decade experience in the games industry, Lucy is an advocate for its improvement and is often found talking about diversity in the industry itself as well as the characters in the games we create.

Events featuring Lucy Kyriakidou

Impactful character design

Lucy Kyriakidou will explore what makes a successful character design through a demonstration. She starts with the basics and gives some tips on creating a unique, balanced and recognisable hero through shape language, colour and silhouette. The talk is targeted towards artists, people aiming to understand the process better or are developing their own game with characters.

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