Johan Dekker

Johan Dekker

Motion Graphics Supervisor

Johan Dekker has 14 years’ experience in motion design for feature animation, feature film and advertising. He was the motion graphics supervisor at DNEG for Netflix's Nimona. With a background in 3D motion graphics, Johan brings passion and experience to creating stunning 2D and 3D graphics and integrates them into a larger film canvas to aid in visual storytelling and world building. Other key credits include Ron’s Gone Wrong, Foundation, Ready Player One, Pacific Rim Uprising and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Events featuring Johan Dekker

Shine bright like Nimona

Johan Dekker | DNEG
Toby Seale | DNEG

Join the DNEG team behind the film adaption of the graphic novel Nimona, as they discuss how they blended heart and metal to achieve the edgy, defining look of the movie. Johan Dekker and Toby Seale outline the creative, technical and production challenges involved in their departments. Benjamin Spence will conclude with a look at his career journey and highlight how he got to be a part of such a special film.

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