Zaid Shaikh

Zaid Shaikh

Game Designer

Zaid Shaikh is a game designer at Firesprite. He started in QA (quality assurance) at Naughty Dog for The Last of Us Part II before a move to Sony Santa Monica for God of War: Ragnarok where he started out in QA before transferring to the game design team. Zaid has been in Liverpool for a year so he’s still catching up on British references. If you have any to share with him, let him know!

Events featuring Zaid Shaikh

An in-depth look at the QA interview process

Zaid Shaikh | Firesprite

This workshop is designed to help give you a competitive edge when looking for roles in QA. Join Zaid Shaikh to look at the quality assurance (QA) interview process. Learn what information a company looks for when asking you to write bugs and what to prioritise when making a test plan. Explore the different interview questions that can be asked and how you might answer them.

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How to effectively use your time in QA to get your foot in the industry

Zaid Shaikh | Firesprite

The game industry can be extremely competitive to enter, there’s no doubt of that. A common piece of advice is to get into QA to get your foot in the door. Rarely does anybody ever elaborate beyond that. You could be looking to use QA as a stepping-stone, genuinely be interested in the department, or hoping to figure out your spot in the game industry. This talk touches those points and how to best utilise your time in QA.

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