Jeremy Purcell

Jeremy Purcell


Jeremy Purcell has worked in animation for over 20 years starting at Cartoon Saloon. He worked on early Cartoon Saloon pieces including The Secret of Kells, which was the studios first Oscar Nomination, where Jeremy was the Effects Supervisor.

He then opened his own studio, A Man & Ink, where he worked on Ish’hafan, Joe & Jack and Miss Remarkable & Her Career.

Returning to Cartoon Saloon in 2014, he worked on a Song of The Sea as the Effects Supervisor, two more feature films, The Breadwinner and The Prophet, and another two TV series, Puffin Rock and Pete the Cat.

In 2019 Jeremy worked on the (then untitled) Puffin Rock feature. Over the next three years, the story grew and evolved into Puffin Rock and The New Friends, becoming a personal story to him, having many themes that anyone that has had to move house, city or country can relate to.

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