Toby Seale

Toby Seale

Lead Animator

Toby Seale grew up in Bournemouth, UK and spent most of their free time drawing. Their obsession with animation began as a 13-year-old after a viewing of the behind the scenes of The Lion King. After that, Toby’s dad built them a makeshift lightbox and gave them a copy of The Animator’s Survival Kit. the rest is history. Toby graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth and went on to work in children’s television at TeamTO in France, and returned to the UK to work on Guardians of the Galaxy at Framestore. Currently, Toby is a lead animator at DNEG where their credits include Nimona and the upcoming That Christmas. Toby is passionate about bringing stories to life that reflect the diversity of our society and will allow future generations to feel, seen and be understood. They also love board games and their extremely needy cat Prue.

Events featuring Toby Seale

Shine bright like Nimona

Johan Dekker | DNEG
Toby Seale | DNEG

Join the DNEG team behind the film adaption of the graphic novel Nimona, as they discuss how they blended heart and metal to achieve the edgy, defining look of the movie. Johan Dekker and Toby Seale outline the creative, technical and production challenges involved in their departments. Benjamin Spence will conclude with a look at his career journey and highlight how he got to be a part of such a special film.

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