Joanna Quinn

Joanna Quinn


Beryl Productions International Ltd

Joanna discovered animation at Middlesex University London while studying for a BA degree in Graphic Design. Her graduation film Girls Night Out, a brilliantly simple and humorous riposte to machismo and a celebration of uninhibited female sexuality, introduced audiences to the character of Beryl and kick started Joanna’s animation career by winning 3 major awards at Annecy. The uniquely memorable character of Beryl became the focus for 3 more films Body Beautiful, Dreams and Desires - Family Ties and most recently Affairs of the Art. The politics of gender and oppression together with Joanna’s obsessive fascination with exploring the eccentricities of the human body, in particular the female form, became the central themes of her work. Her masterpiece is Britannia a savage indictment of British imperialism. Joanna’s films have won many international awards, including Baftas, Emmys and 3 Oscar nominations. Joanna is a committed educator and is an Honorary Fellow at the Royal College of Art, London and University of Wales and Honorary Doctor at Middlesex University, London and the University of Wolverhampton.

Joanna Quinn will be speaking at Animex AVFX.


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The Art of Creative Collaboration

Les Mills | Beryl Productions International Ltd
Joanna Quinn | Beryl Productions International Ltd

A presentation by Joanna Quinn & Les Mills who will talk in detail about their long collaboration in the production of very successful animated Films and TV commercials. They will focus mainly on their latest short film production “Affairs of the Art” which has achieved widespread success winning over 30 International prizes culminating in both Oscar and BAFTA nominations for best animated short film in 2022.