Bukola Akingbade Founder & CEO Kucheza Gaming

Bukola Akingbade is the founder and CEO of the video games industry startup that uses gaming as the gateway to digital excellence, where kids get the opportunity to develop skills in STEAM. Kucheza Gaming is an emerging contender in bringing the world of video games to k12 education in Africa through a series of school leagues, computing curriculum in partnership with Ukie Education, career pathways and other initiatives like the Mobo Game Jam.

Bukola believes video games offer a new and immersive way to reimagine, document and preserve history. Kucheza's key project, ‘The Wild Kingdoms’ is a mobile adventure game based on Yoruba mythology aimed at translating African stories of old into the educational and entertaining world of games thereby introducing African stories to new generations and audiences.

She has an impressive 15-year career in marketing and business growth, she advocates for brand involvement in gaming and esports to drive education, economic empowerment and provide new career pathways at a grassroot level.
Bukola volunteers and serves as an advisor in STEM.org's educational research around Women in STEM.

Social Media

Instagram: @kuchezagaming
Twitter: @kuchezagaming