India Barnado Director and Animator

She studied Digital Character Animation at Teesside University from?2006-2009, and has worked in many different forms of animation across a variety of studios across the world for over ten years now. Such studios include Studio AKA, Framestore, MPC,?Troll VFX, L'Atelier Animation, Bron Studios and now she is currently working at Sony, based in Vancouver, on an upcoming unannounced Netflix project.

Whilst moving around the world she has been avidly directing her short film Cat and Moth in her spare time, which she brings to Animex to present how she and the team collaborated across the world, to bring it to reality.

Film description:? Ditto, a fluffy white cat, wants nothing more than to take her afternoon nap in the most comfortable spot in the universe. Little does she know that someone else has their eye on it too... Inspired by observations of the bemusing behaviour of her beloved feline friends,?India Barnardo?directed the playful natured short animation film?Cat and Moth. She created it with a team of more than 90+ filmmakers scattered all over the world working on this project entirely online, made possible through the collaborative platform?Artella.? ?

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