Michael GandhamCo-founder Arcus Animation Studios

In 2018 Michael won the leading international award in the 'shared immersive' Fulldome medium for his adaptation of seminal sci fi novel 'Star Maker', (Olaf Stapledon 1937). Since then, and with support from the UK Government Audiences of the Future programme, he has led the team that has developed Festoon, a new and innovative software tool for Fulldome producers of all abilities. Michael joins us to discuss his work on Festoon and the Fulldome medium.

Michael's day to day roles include writing, producing and company development.

Michael will be joined by his colleagues Ruth Coalson and Phillipa Day.

Ruth Coalson is a highly experienced development strategist specialising in the Fulldome sector. Ruth sits on the International Planetarium Society (IPS) Design and Vision 2020 strategic planning team and on the US IMERSA advisory board

Philippa Day's expertise lies in fulldome and large format production. She has worked on several award winning immersive films and VR applications and self- publishes immersive products through Whirligig Productions.

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