Pete EllisGames Designer

Pete is a Games Designer at Naughty Dog, in Los Angeles, where he recently worked on the critically acclaimed, fastest selling Playstation exclusive of all time, "The Last of Us Part II". Heralded as "the greatest game of all time" by many reviewers, it was a hugely successful sequel to Naughty Dog's "Game of the Decade".

Prior to working in California, Pete worked for over 10 years in the UK, first at Frontier Developments then at Guerrilla Cambridge as a Senior Designer. He worked on FPS titles, releasing "Killzone Mercenary" for the PS Vita, "Killzone Shadow Fall" for the PS4 and "RIGS Mechanised Combat League" for PSVR.

He has spoken at many games industry conferences, such as the "Game Developers Conference: Europe" in Germany, "Develop" in Brighton, as well as numerous universities. He has also written many articles for industry websites, as well as being published in books and European industry magazines.

Pete is also a Teesside graduate, having studied BA (Hons) Computer Games Design and MA Computer Games Art.

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