Jonathon Wilson

Lead Designer / Producer

Jonathon Wilson - Pocket Money Games

I have been in the games industry for a little over 5 years now primarily working as a game/level designer. In that time I have worked on a variety of different games such as Shu, Augmented Empire, They Suspect Nothing and Dimension hunter 2. I currently work at Pocket Money Games as a lead designer/producer, prior to that I worked at Coatsink for 3.5 years starting out as a Junior Designer and gradually worked my way to becoming a Design Lead. I specialise in game and level design and have become well-versed in console and VR development throughout my career. I have also been lucky enough to make it into MCV’s 30 under 30. Level design has always been the area of development I am most passionate about as it allows you to concentrate on creating the moment-to-moment gameplay experience for the player, helping to curate the overall player experience.

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