Animated Shorts 2

Middlesbrough Town Hall - The Crypt

This programme presents a selection of animated short shorts in different techniques both 3D cgi and 2D animation as well as stop-motion. The films are in the official international competition of student films Animex Awards 2020.


A mixed-media animated biography of a fictional animation tycoon.

2019 | 00:06:05 | Richard Noble | United Kingdom
Royal College of Art, England, United Kingdom

Oldie But Goldie

Eddie a young music lover is looking for the original copy of a very special vinyl. His life will be turned upside down when he discovers an apparently harmless vinyl shop that is just about to unveil a long-kept secret …

2019 | 00:05:30 | Nacho Subirats | Spain
ESDIP - Escuela de Arte, Madrid, Spain

For a Handful of Caramels

An old couple is about to hold up their retirement home's cafeteria for a fistful of caramels, imagining themselves as Bonnie and Clyde. Before they can grab the precious sweets, they will have to face the dreadful head nurse Chantal ...

2019 | 00:06:00 | Nghia Bui Trung, Clara Dulaut, Martin Fettuciari, Nikita Gavard Noyer, Bérenger Guilbault, Timothée Maron, Ugo Masutti | France
ESMA, Montpellier, France


Aiden a teenage boy goes to his grandmother Pearl’s house for the day. When he’s repeatedly rude and ignores Pearl, her knitted cats decide to take matters into their own paws to teach the boy a lesson.

2019 | 00:03:55 | Allison Rossi, Ida Zhu, Becky Seamans | USA
Ringling College of Art and Design, Florida, USA

Carpe Diem

When a little Czech girl becomes best friends with a carp who is destined to be her Christmas dinner, she must choose between tradition and her newfound friendship

2019 | 00:03:07 | Rachel Portová | United Kingdom
Arts University Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Hide & Seek

Have you ever not been found in hide and seek in your childhood? This game is continuing unquietingly as we hide in adult work and life, in the hope of being found one day.

2019 | 00:05:55 | Qunxiang Lin | United Kingdom
University of the Arts London, United Kingdom

All You Can Eat

A tribe of cartoons are being taken by force from their natural habitat, only to fulfill the voracious intentions of humans.

2019 | 00:04:20 | Dimitris Armenakis | United Kingdom
Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom

Rapper Cow: ‘Moo Moo Cow’

A short story about collaboration and music. Rapper cow raps "moo" and "moo" to his cow friends and a rollerskating violin-playing cow. When they are abducted by an alien spaceship it leads to an alien dance party.

2019 | 00:01:30 | Lealani Teano | USA
California College of the Arts, Oakland, USA


A pangolin tries to find love during a speed dating session.

2019 | 00:03:52 | Deschamps Maxence, Liard Caroline, Tixier Dylan et Bajor Noémie | France
ECV Paris, France

Critical Update

In an envisioned future where everyone is plugged into AR visors called iVisions, things that are real in life and what is not have become blurred. Taya’s world shatters when the iVision breaks and prevents constant interaction with the online world. Or can their views change?

2019 | 00:05:50 | Brogan Jones | United Kingdom
University of the Arts London, Central St Martin's, United Kingdom

Desire Line

When a tragedy occurs one Valentine’s Day, we turn to a bot for answers.

2018 | 00:06:59 | Ruini Shi | United Kingdom
Royal College of Art, London, United Kingdom


What's left of the memories we lock up? They may turn bad, mean, dissolve, or get impatient. But sometimes they play with us.

2019 | 00:04:21 | Mina Convers | France
EMCA France

Tell Me You Still Love Me

An evocative portrayal of relationship tensions. What is not being said that should have been said?

2019 | 00:03:58 | Rui Ting Ji | Canada
Concordia University, Mel Hoppeinheim School of Cinema, Montreal, Canada

Between Us

Both a father and his transgender child want to break through their inner pressures and reveal their feelings.

2019 | 00:04:34 | Niancao Yang | United Kingdom
University of the Arts London, London, UK


Animation in the style of calligraphic ink drawings, set to an evocative sound track.

2018 | 00:03:44 | Mengwen Chen | USA
California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, USA

Black Lead

A speeding car. The atmosphere is tense. Zheina and her father are seeking her mother in a city emptied of its population and whose building debris portend significant danger.

2019 | 00:06:27 | Arthur Valter, Robin Delmond, Fanny Lambert, Lino Talfer, Noémie Six, Théo Emsellem | France
Supinfocom Rubika, Valenciennes, France

Desert Sea

The journey of a man in the desert. Effort, adversity and rebirth.

2019 | 00:04:40 | Gianluca Nardo, Niccolò Valsecchi | Italy
Fondazione Scuole Civiche di Milano, Milan, Italy


A man who holds too many secrets goes to confess to a sacred tree.

2019 | 00:03:09 | Fu Yang | USA
Academy of Art University, San Francisco, USA