BAA Public Choice Programme 3

Middlesbrough Town Hall - The Crypt

The three BAA Public Choice programmes consist of a selection of outstanding short films and music videos from the entries to the British Animation Awards 2020. The programmes are screened at a number of venues throughout the UK where audiences vote for their favourites.

Animex is pleased to be one of the screening partners in the UK. Audiences will be able to vote and rank their favourites in each screening.

Once again Animex is pleased to be one of the screening partners in the UK. Audiences will be able to vote and rank their favourites in each screening.

All screenings are FREE.
The bar opens at 17:30 at The Crypt venue and the film screening starts at 18:30. View map.

Scouting for girls - Let's Not Go Away

Music Video. At Christmas, living Gingerbread man, Dan, dreads spending time with Mandy’s family who tend to nibble his edges when her back is turned. This year, Mandy will give Dan the Christmas he’s dreamed of. Let’s Not Go Away is the music video for the Christmas single of the same name by enduringly popular UK band, Scouting for Girls.

00:03:39 | Katie Gascoyne

I'm OK

In 1917, Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka was in hospital, injured and shell-shocked from World War I, and heartbroken from the end of his famous love affair with Alma Mahler.

00:06:04 | Elizabeth Hobbs


Optimistic Harry attends an interview which will decide if he can carry on receiving benefits that enable to him to live a sustainable life. The tough, unforgiving interview forces him to retreat to his imagination, a softer world, full of wool and crochet. Stitch is an animated short film which highlights the need for change in the way we treat the sick and disabled in the UK.

00:03:50 | Siobhan Smith

You Foe

A mischievous UFO annoys a farmer for no good reason.

00:01:30 | Paul Hill

The Mushroom Hunters

In collaboration with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, we created an animated film to bring the Rhysling Award-winning poem "The Mushroom Hunters" to life. A feminist piece of art celebrating female astronomer Maria Mitchell and all women who have contributed to science but have been collectively erased through the telling of scientific history.

00:06:00 | Caroline Rudge


Music Video. A dark, synthy music video about the futility of nuclear war and the psychological impact upon those who have to "push the button"

00:03:40 | Dan Crew


An exploration of animation processes through expressive hands interacting with a book.

00:02:10 | Phoebe Morrison

Black Earth Rising

Animation depicting events around the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath, imaginatively interpreting violent and tragic events – events where, as one character puts it, ‘words would fail’.

00:09:00 | Steve Small

Sad Heart

Music Video. A woman is on a journey through her own song.

00:04:18 | Karni and Saul


Archie is devastated to learn of the death of his beloved aunt Betty. He makes the long journey to the home she’s left him in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Saddened by all the memories, the storm soon passes and a new day brings new hope for Archie and his dog.

00:04:44 | Ainslie Henderson


The day after the brexit vote we ask the general public why they voted the way they did.

00:06:00 | Chris Shepherd

Group Work Works

The Bristol based charity SARSAS (Somerset and Avon Rape and Sexual Abuse Support) provides support to people in Bristol, South Gloucestershire, B&NES, North Somerset and Somerset, who have experienced rape or any kind of sexual assault or abuse at any time in their lives. SARSAS asked us to produce a film to promote their group work sessions; a valuable healing experience that service users are often very nervous about. The film takes us through what people think support groups are like, to what they actually are and how they can make you feel; listened to, believed and supported. Proudly produced by an all female Rumpus Animation team, designed, animated and directed by Hend Esmat and Lamiaa Diab.

00:00:55 | Hend Esmat, Lamiaa Diab

Hide & seek

Have you ever not been found in hide and seek in your childhood; This game is continuing in a quiet way, as we are actually hiding in work and life. But now, do we still hold the hope of being found by the same kind of people in one day?

00:05:55 | Quinxian Lin

Wood Child and Hidden Forest Mother

Deep in the forest, a hunter encounters a strange creature he cannot kill.

00:09:34 | Stephen Irwin


A cawing Crow is determined to disturb Simon's Cat's peace and quiet!

00:02:21 | Simon Tofield

Davina and the Vagabonds - Devil horns

Music Video. Music video for 'Devil Horns' by Davina and the Vagabonds.

00:03:38 | Gordon Howie


Three friends embark on a new adventure in a strange town, but when a manipulative stranger joins their gang, their loyalty is torn apart with terrifying consequences.

00:15:35 | Jonathan Hodgson