Animex Kids Aimed at younger fans and their families.

We are delighted to be able to extend the existing Animex programme to a new, younger audience with Animex Kids which will have all the elements of the main event, but specifically designed for children under 16 to participate within schools or at home with family and friends. Animex Kids has been designed to be enjoyed in whichever way suits the audience. It is all pre-recorded and does not require any specialist software or university staff support, which makes the sessions easy to set up and run whenever and wherever you like. The workshops can be completed using pen and paper. Either devote a day to it or just dip in to it for 15 mins here and there.

The programme includes:

2D Animation Workshop with Stop Motion Animator, Lesley-anne Rose – suitable for any age group
Character Design Workshop with Concept Artist, Matthew Dougan – written at 3 levels KS1, 2 and 3
Animex Screen for Kids - A sample of the full Animex Screen programme of animated short films created by independent film makers around the world.
Animex Mini Talk – Loukia Kyriakidou, a successful freelance character artist talks about her career working in games in this pre-recorded talk.

Download the resources (3.3GB)