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26/05/15 Gabrielle goes from games design to seeing her first novel in print

A childhood dream to write a book has finally become a reality for Teesside University academic Gabrielle Kent.


13/02/15 Zach Parrish Disney animator shares secrets of his success

Disney animator Zach Parrish talked about having the 'best job in the world' during a visit to Teesside University for the annual Animex international festival of animation and computer games.


13/02/15 Animex awards winners announced

The Animex Awards winning and commended animations were announced and screened on Tuesday 11 February at Cineworld.


20/01/15 Zach Parrish, who was Head of Animation on Disney’s upcoming release Big Hero Six. Animex to focus on inclusivity and independent games development

A star line-up of some of the biggest names in animation and computer games will visit Teesside University in February for the annual Animex Festival.


22/12/14 Gaming graduates on top of the world

Two Teesside graduates have been named among the world’s leading young games developers.


20/08/14 Animex goes global with new event in Malaysia

Teesside University's annual international festival of animation and computer games is going truly global with a major new event in Malaysia.


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