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Best of Punto y Raya animation programmes

Two programmes from the Punto Y Raya Festival (Barcelona, Spain) are showing at Cineworld as part of Animex Screen.

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Best of PyR 2007 and Best of PyR 2009 feature the finalists and awarded films from the Punto y Raya Festival’s international competition for abstract animation.

The Punto y Raya Festival and competition is held biennially in Barcelona, Spain, organised and curated by Ana Santos and Noel Palazzo.

The Animex screenings of the PyR programmes take place at Cineworld, Middlesbrough, at 8.00pm on Monday 8 February and at 6.30pm on Thursday 11 February.

These sessions will be introduced by Sabrina Schmid & Sebastian Castagna, authors of one of the films included the 2009 programme.

Filmmakers have produced their works in most varied and inventive techniques. These range from drawn animation to cgi, to music visualisations, to algorithmic animation techniques. All are following the basic parameters of animating ‘dots and lines’ as ‘abstraction’s prime matter’ to produce purely abstract forms and movement. The results are distinctly original, imaginative and surprising works in animation.

The programmes also tour around the world including in Argentinia, Canada, China, Japan, Peru, Serbia, Spain, UK, Uruguay, and USA.

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08 February 2010

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