Robin Webb

Animator, Freelance

Speaking at Workshop

Robin Webb Robin has over 15 years of personal and professional experience in both animating and filmmaking. He has a BA in Fine Art Film & Video Production, and an MSc in 3D Computer Animation from Teesside University. For most of the last seven years he has worked freelance and on community and participatory projects throughout the North East, producing more than 70 short animations with the next generation of upcoming animators. Robin has made films for the BBC Proms, Tyneside Cinema, Creative Partnerships, Design Council and over 30 schools and community groups throughout the region.

The range of people he has worked with includes nursery children, adults with learning difficulties, old age pensioners, children with behavioural issues and special educational needs, schools, community centres and diverse cultures. Robin believes that working with all these people has resulted in a wealth of experience in bringing out their natural creative abilities. He also strongly believes that the experience of making your own movie using animation is just a part of the wider storytelling tradition. The importance of writing a good story should not be underestimated, after all it’s not how it was made it’s what it says that the audience remembers.