Gabrielle Kent

Head, Animex Game

Speaking at Animex Game

Gabrielle Kent Gabrielle organises the games element of the Animex festival. She has worked in and around the games industry for 14 years in an art and design capacity and is now back at Teesside as a Senior Lecturer in Computer Games.

During her career she has created a number of public domain games as well as working on console titles such as LA Rush, Demolition Racer No-Exit and the Test Drive Series. In 2006 Gabrielle was announced as one of the Top 100 most Infuential Women in the Games Industry by US based Next Gen magazine. As a former organiser of the world’s first annual conference for Women in Games and a keynote speaker at the 2010 Girls and Gadgets conference Gabrielle has a strong interest in encouraging girls to consider careers in digital industries.