Curtis Jobling

Author and Illustrator

Speaking at Animex Talk, Workshop

Curtis Jobling Curtis is the designer of worldwide hit children's television show Bob the Builder, and the author/illustrator of numerous children’s books (including the acclaimed Frankenstein’s Cat. Although best known for his work in film and television, it is Curtis’s widely collected paintings that make him one of the UK’s most exciting and sought after artists.

Curtis worked for the Oscar winning Wallace & Gromit Aardman team, followed by time spent as a model maker and prop painter on Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks!, before moving on to the BAFTA award winning Bob the Builder. His own show, Frankenstein’s Cat, commissioned by the BBC, has been shown around the globe, picking up the Pulcinella award for Best Children’s Show at the 2008 International Cartoons On The Bay festival in Italy. Galleries on both sides of the Altantic have exhibited Curtis’s acclaimed Biteneck Beatniks and Frankenstein’s Cat art shows, picture book paintings and limited edition prints.