Paul Wells

Director, Animation Academy, Loughborough University

Speaking at Animex Talk

Paul Wells Paul has published widely in the field of animation studies, including Understanding Animation, Animation and America, Fundamentals of Animation, Re-Imagining Animation (with Johnny Hardstaff), and Drawing for Animation (with Joanna Quinn).

He is also an established writer, director and broadcaster, touring worldwide conducting workshops based on his book, Scriptwriting. Recently, he was a consultant on the BBC's Oliver Postgate: A Life in Small Films, and has written and directed two documentaries, Fab Four to Ethel & Ernest: A Tribute to John Coates and TVC and Taking the Country Road : The Film Craft of Tony Fish. His most recent - The Animated Bestiary - deals with the representation of animals in animation. Paul's future projects include a British Animation Archive Initiative, an exhibition, and a short film development. Visit www.animationacademy.co.uk for more details.