James Gentile

Creative Director, Motion Capture/Animation

Speaking at Animex Game

James Gentile James has been working in the gaming industry since 1987. As a Motion Capture Director, his most recent work involved directing shoots for Ubisoft, and Edios. He also consults with companies who are setting up motion capture stages and motion capture pipelines.

James’ bulk of experience comes from working at Midway Games for 19 years, where early on he introduced a new animation production tool known as motion capture. As the Director of Motion Capture at Midway, James worked on over 30 published game titles such as Mortal Kombat: MK vs. DC Universe, Blitz, NBA Ballers, Area51, The Wheelman and Happy Feet, to name a few.

While at Midway, James was also the Animation Director responsible for motion/animation pipeline and production. He hired top-flight hand key animators and trained them to use motion capture as an effective tool to create volumes of animation, while still utilising traditional animation techniques to complement the motion capture. Many of the animators he has mentored have gone on to work at EA, Sony, Weta, Blur and 2K Sports.

James continues to mentor animators and educate people in the industry regarding motion capture and its proper use in animation production.