Stuart Sumida

Professor of Biology, California State University

Speaking at Animex Talk

Stuart Sumida Stuart Sumida is a professor of Biology at California State University, the author of three books and over 50 peer-reviewed publications with funding from the National Science Foundation, National Geographic Society, NATO, and the Annenberg Foundation.

Stuart has been an anatomical consultant on over 45 major motion pictures involving traditional hand-drawn animation, computer graphic animation, and CG special effects at studios including Walt Disney Feature Animation, DreamWorks, SONY, StarZ, Rhythem and Hues, and PIXAR. His earliest films included Beauty and the Beast and Lion King, and most recently he has worked on Disney's Rapunzel, DreamWorks How to Train Your Dragon, and Fox Studios The Life of Pi. In 2008 he was named Outstanding Professor for Science, Engineering and Mathematics for the entire California State University system.