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British Animation Awards - Public Choice - Programme 3

British Animation AwardsTrain of Thought
In a world made entirely out of paper, the wistful drawings in a man's sketchbook are brought to life by the rhythm of a train journey.
Leo Bridle & Ben Thomas | The Arts Institute at Bournemouth | 3:57

Unicycle Film
Two unicyclists find each other in a dark forest and fall in love and when they embrace their Unicycles work together as a bicycle.
Thomas Hicks | Animate Projects | 5:40

Fields of Vision
A boy happily plays with his ball until his father brings home a new toy.
Rob Zywietz | 4:00

Mi'au, Myau
Five birds of different nationalities sit on a branch, each trying to outdo the other in its own language.
Vida Vega | UCA Farnham | 1:00

A howling wolf, an embarrassing incident and a missed opportunity. Love is made of courage.
Rafael Sommerhalder | RCA | 5:56

A subconscious drift through despair, frustration, joy and redemption.
Greg & Myles McLeod | The Brothers Mcleod | 3:39

Becoming Invisible
Violent nightmares, suicidal wishes and an inability to live in your own skin.
Andy Glynne | Mosaic Films | 4:00

Yellow Belly End
An enormous cliff top, blue sky, multiple deaths and a man keeping a meticulous note of it all. But his quiet, contained existence is threatened as he is drawn ever nearer to the cliff edge himself . . .
Philip Bacon | NFTS | 8:47

Little Face
Nathan's job has nothing to do with dinosaurs. This makes Little Face sad.
Matthew Walker | Arthur Cox | 10:30

Ethav: Sleep
A surrealist vision focused on dreams and relationships.
Tibor Banoczki & Sarolta Szabo | Domestic Infelicity | 3:47

Midfield General: Teddy Bear
A lonely truck driver and a young kid are brought together through CB radios.
Ste McGregor | Skint | 6:09

The Astronomer's SunGoodbye London
The bitter-sweetness of London life, with sketchy characters, drawn on dirty walls in dodgy areas.
Murray John | 4:00

Rex the Dog: Bubblicious
How to make your very own 'Rex the Dog' video.
Geoffroy de Crecy | Partizan | 3:15

The Astronomer's Sun
A young man visits an abandoned observatory to confront memories of his past and follow his father on a journey into the unknown.
Simon Cartwright & Jessica Cope | Duchy Parade Films | 5:21

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Comcast: Anthem 60
Smith & Foulkes | Nexus Productions | 1:00

Bridgestone Tyres: Taters
Daniel Kleinman I Rattling Stick & Epoch NY/LA | 1:00

Coke Zero: Happy Kingdom
Pete Candeland | Passion Pictures | 1:00

National Debtline
Alan MacEachern | Ink Digital | :30

Nike: Cortez Brothers
tokyoplastic/Finkbom | Picasso Pictures | :35

Simon's Cat: TV Dinners
A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to gain it's owner's attention.
SimonTofield | Tandem Films | 2:35