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British Animation Awards - Public Choice - Programme 2

British Animation AwardsMy Blood Is My Tears
Fighting against 'feeling unreal', against the inability to cry and express emotions, the urge to cut away 'the monster inside themselves'.
Andy Glynne | Mosaic Films | 3:20

Damaged Goods
A tragic love story played out by porcelain figurines, exploring notions of forbidden love, material wealth and class divide using the traditions of value within ceramics.
Barnaby Barford | Nexus Productions / Animate Projects | 9:24

The Black Dog's Progress
A series of flipbooks tell the sad story of the Black Dog's abandonment and corruption through acts of violence.
Stephen Irwin | Animate Projects | 3:15

Tad's NestTad's Nest
A place where eels mature before being compelled to return to a location using only memories of sensations to guide them.
Petra Freeman | Rapid Eye Movies/Animate Projects | 4:48

Glover travels to the edge of the world after a mysterious map arrives which transforms his monochromatic existence.
Jo Lawrence | Picasso Pictures | 7:53

Ain't Got Nobody
A man with no body but a whole lot of souls performs the song of his life accompanied by a band of shadowy characters.
12Foot6 | 5:09

Norwich To Sheringham
An old man, a bus nut and an annoying kid ramble and muck about on a bus ride going from Norwich to Sheringham.
Bali Engel | RCA | 6:18

When falling in love means being tied together, what happens when you discover the length of the string?
Rhiannon Evans | International Film School, Wales | 2:51

Text Island
A parable on the destruction of the planet.
Chris Gavin | 3:30

Animal Kingdom: Chalk Stars
A man and a woman sit facing each other in a lighthouse . . .
Thomas Hicks | 6:50

Text IslandColdplay: Strawberry Swing
Chris Martin moonlights as a superhero and saves a damsel in distress.
Shynola | RSA Films | 3:30

Tom Fun Orchestra: Bottom of the River
The tale of some lonely bin bags who sing at the bottom of the river.
Alasdair + Jock | Trunk | 3:00

Dog Judo
Rexley and Roy are two dogs who try to do judo. Invariably they fail.
12Foot6 | 1:00

Tail Gunner
A cute kitten is dreaming about something. What could it possibly be?
tokyopiastic | Picasso Pictures | :36

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CTCA Travel
Suzanne Deakin | Slinky Pictures | 1:00

Domestos: Germblaster
Uli Meyer | Uli Meyer Studios | :30 Jingle
Darren Walsh | Passion Pictures | :20

Coca Cola Olympics: Birdsnest Stadium
Eric Lerner & Thomas Hilland | Partizan | 1:00

Cadburys Creme Egg: Newton's Cradle
Chris Cairns | Partizan | :12

Cadburys Creme Egg:Pedal Bin
Chris Cairns | Partizan | :12

Cadburys Creme Egg: Balloon
Chris Cairns | Partizan | :12

Dupont: Open Science
Gaelle Denis | Stink Ltd | :30

Sam's Hot Dogs
Sam sells hot dogs on a road in a forest. His hot dog van, his huge bear, and a bit of occasional company is all he needs.
David Lopez Retamero | RCA | 9:30