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British Animation Awards - Public Choice - Programme 1

British Animation AwardsWhat Light (Through Yonder Window Breaks)
The sunlight cast through a bedroom window breaks free and takes on new shapes as it journeys around the room.
SarahWickens| RCA | 4:15

The Moonbird
A dark fairytale about an orphan girl who must outwit a terrible sorceress with the help of a magical bird.
Greg & Myles Mcleod | The Brothers Mcleod | 15:00

The Girl with Stories in her HairThe Girl with Stories in her Hair
In a brothel, young Odette has her hair combed in preparation for the next client, remembering and now doubting what her mother used to tell her.
Phoebe Boswell | Central St Martins | 2:54

A cat gets more than he bar-gained for when he upsets a dog...Touché
Trevor Hardy | Fool Hardy Films | 1:00

Analog Futurism...
Max Hattler | 4:45

Rabbit Punch
Nothing happens where we live so we do special ops...
Kristian Andrews | RCA | 5:34

A family sits down for a meal. They communicate using technology, but one of them is determined for a return to a traditional supper; good food and real conversation.
Daniel Greaves | Tandem Films | 7:40

A tale of an obsession with junk food that may prove hard to swallow.
KirkHendry |Th1ng | 6:10

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Alko: Father & Son
Jonathan Hodgson | Sherbet | :30

Hershey's: Swing and Drive
Bobby Proctor | Aardman Animations | : 30

Nokia: Lips vs. Mindreader
tokyoplastic/Finkbom | PicassoPictures | :30

Vesicare: Shop-ping
David Anderson | Glassworks | :30

Cadburys Creme Egg: Mousetrap
Chris Cairns | Partizan | :22

Audi Q5: Unboxed
RussellBrooke & Aaron Duffy | Passion Pictures | 1:00

Gravenhurst: Nightwatchman's Blues
A love story is told over 1300 hand block printed 7" vinyl sleeves.
Thomas Hicks | 3:30

Birdy Nam Nam:The Parachute Endings
An intergalactic adventure.
Steve Scott &WIII Sweeney | Not To Scale | 3:30

This Way UpFlogging Molly: Float
A tiny stick figure picks up every-day detritus as he journeys to the sea.
Kami + Saul | Rokkit | 3:30

This Way Up
Laying the dead to rest has never been so much trouble.
Smith & Foulkes | Nexus Productions | 8:37