Animex Game

8 - 9 February

Fully Booked - OL1, Europa Building, Teesside University

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Animex Game will be back with special guests and events that you'll definitely want on your playlist.

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Please check the schedules for full details.

Animex Game 2009 saw a whole host of special guests descend upon Teesside to share in the tenth birthday celebrations:

  • Ian Livingstone OBE took us on a tour of the evolution of Eidos and Lara Croft
  • we were given the heebee-jeebies by the art and animation directors of horror titles Dead Space and Left4Dead
  • Udon explained how they transformed Street Fighter 2 into a HD masterpiece
  • Ernest Adams transported us 50 years into the future
  • and Japanese representatives of Brosta TV and Famitsu! Magazine were there to cover it all.

As usual we have given ourselves a lot to live up to but we're hard at work luring the creators of some of our favourite games to Teesside in February to share their secrets with us all.

As usual they will be waiting to meet you at our games networking event Players Lounge so dust off your folios, practice your small talk and winning handshakes and keep checking for updates on our fab speakers who will be joining us from across the globe.

Gabrielle Kent
Animex Game