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Once again Animexperience offers anyone with the slightest interest in animation and computer games an opportunity to dip their creative toes in to the digital and creative industries pool - come on in, the water's lovely.

This year seems even more relevant with Teesside's traditional workforce taking an economic and cultural kick in the teeth. For this reason alone, Animexperience believes that now is the time to highlight the alternative vocational and educational pathways for the region's future workforce and students.

Animexperience has facilitated numerous workshops and educational forums. It has presented an inside sneak preview of what it takes to make it in the world of cartoons or laser weaponry. It has developed strong links with educational and community support agencies. Over 3,000 schoolchildren and their families participate yearly, and the feedback, nationally and internationally, is phenomenal.

Work produced by schools and community groups has led to a rise in animation being used as a link to curriculum development and social expression.

2009 climbed higher than ever as an animated film produced by children aged 6- 8 years-old from a selection of schools in east Middlesbrough is now used by the prestigious Society of Vertebrate Palaeontology to promote Animexperience workshops as a marking post that represents a stimulating and valid approach to difficult subject matter such as pre-history and biology.

So, if you want to know how fish can talk and water looks so real, crowd scenes are developed , or how to draw a cartoon car, then get yourself along to Animexperience.

Never before has the education of our region's schoolchildren been more relevant. One day Animexperience will produce an animator, games designer or the next Hollywood director. The world will speak as highly about Teesside's creative talent as they do about our iconic history of bridge building and engineering.

Come on Teesside, let's get animated.

Dougy Pincott
Head of Animexperience (and former steel worker)

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Animexperience lecture Fun at Teesside Archives Back drop for animation made by Animexperience animation club during the summer holidays Families queue around the block for Animex free screenings at CineWorld 8am Animexperience gang Mackenzie Thorpe competition winners Design for Animexperience Road Safety animation Thinking and writing Dougy and Chris arrested by Storm Troopers at Cineworld prior to Family Fun Day Sand Man at the tills at Cineworld Concentration time Planning and story boarding The creative process In a world of your own Anything can do to make a backdrop Sticky plastic: The animators tools All smiles We are winners (Park End Primary)sweep the board with three winners from the Mackenzie Thorpe 'My Town' internationl competition. Plastercine men Girls just want to have fun Fun at Teesside Archives Working at the Archives Research time Tools of the trade Scissors and paper: Next stop Hollywood Lecture time This is great this animation lark I'M Proud of myself Editing with the professionals Clive News ; Shaz advertises Animex in the local community Some of the Animexperience gang Technical Direction Supervising Animators Character development Chris and film directors Broccoli with eyes Community animation scene 1