Animex Exhibition

8 - 12 February

Europa Building, Teesside University

Gaining an understanding of the invisible creative processes that go into the production of the various games and animations on display gives you a real feel and appreciation for them. Animex Exhibition provides some of this insight it's open to everyone providing a supplementary learning experience for festivalgoers.

This year's Animex exhibition theme is sets and props and will feature most of the sets, props and models from 'Tomorrow', a stop motion animation written, directed and animated by Bob Lee. 'Tomorrow' was created through the 4mations Digital Shorts animated short film scheme funded by Channel 4, the UK Film Council and Northern Film and Media.

Dan WalkerAlso featured are some concepts from Dan Walker, BA (Hons) Industrial Design graduate from Teesside University who has applied his creative skills to film and TV hits including the two recent Batman films starring Christian Bale, and the ratings-busting return of Doctor Who.

Dan, 38, first came to Teesside aged 19 from his home town of Todmorden in the Pennines and graduated in 1993. He now lives in West London and describes his role of a concept artist as the combination of a designer and illustrator.

He said, 'I enjoyed the whole creative process when studying at Teesside, there was camaraderie between the students and even now we're a very tight group and keep in touch. The campus is unrecognisable compared to when I was here; I'm very impressed with the design facilities.'

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and look forward to bring you more exciting work from around the world.

Stephen Murray
Curator, Animex Exhibition