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Louise Ridgeway

Louise Ridgeway Having spent three years studying Classical Animation at Ballyfermot Senior College in Dublin, Louise crossed the waters, in 1999, to come to England to work for renowned games company Rare Ltd. She spent the first couple of years at Rare playing around with a computer, and discovered the advantages of applying her classical knowledge of animation to 3d animation and making it work within a game environment.

Louise has worked on the two instalments of Conker (Conker’s Bad Fur Day and Conker, Live and Reloaded). She has also worked on numerous other projects over the years, and is responsible for many of the female voices that can be found in Rare games, which saw her win an AIAS award this year for best female vocal performance for her portrayal of Leafos in Viva Piñata. Louise’s position as Animation Supervisor at Rare is an excellent opportunity for her to establish her belief that good character animation in a game is of the utmost importance. It is through her passion and love for animation that she hopes to ensure that Rare continues to push the boundaries of the high level of animation that has always been present in Rare games.