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Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas Jordan is a 'writer-designer', a feral mutant of ego best illustrated as a pair of cranky genies forced to share a single bottle. He started his career arranging pretty words all in a row as a games journalist, and was clutched tightly to the feathery bosom of Psygnosis, Ltd shortly thereafter.

Since then, he has been indoctrinated in the science of fun by various illuminati who hovered at Ion Storm Austin and Irrational Games. In each case, he ran wild and semi-naked with a particularly surreal or off-beat level in an otherwise coherent experience. The results, with apologies, were the 'Shalebridge Cradle' from Thief: Deadly Shadows, and Sander Cohen's 'Fort Frolic' in Bioshock. He is now Creative Director at 2k Marin, a shiny new studio in Novato, California, and his current project is unannounced.