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Elizabeth Rega

Elizabeth Rega Elizabeth received her PhD from the University of Chicago and is an associate professor of anatomy at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. As a research scientist, she has published numerous scientific articles and has conducted fieldwork on three different continents. Her specialisation in human and non-human primate anatomy has led her to be a frequent consultant to the animation community.

With Walt Disney Feature Animation, she helped to develop the facial construction of major characters in Pocahantas, and facial anatomy, body anatomy, and locomotion of humans in Mulan and Brother Bear. She was the lead anatomist consulting on apes and the title character in Tarzan, helped to develop the structure of the titans in Hercules, and was the chief anatomical consultant for the Disney short film John Henry. Her work has not been restricted to tradition animation, as she aided in the development of virtually all of the human anatomical material with SONY Pictures Imageworks for the film Hollowman from modeling to animation. Most recently for SONY ImageWorks, Elizabeth helped to develop details of eye structure that performance-capture could not achieve for Beowolf.

Elizabeth has been a frequent consultant to Walt Disney Imagineering on the morphology and history of ethnic diversity in film, animation, and entertainment.