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Shelley Page

European Representative for Feature Animation


Shelley Page Shelley joined the Richard Williams animation studio in 1982 as a background artist. In 1986 the Walt Disney company commissioned Richard Williams to direct the animation on Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Shelley was appointed UK backgrounds supervisor. Following the success of Roger Rabbit, she joined Steven Spielberg's Amblimation Studio in London as background supervisor.

Between film projects she continued to work as a freelance animation artist and worked with many of the major London animation studios. In 1995 she was invited by Jeffrey Katzenberg to move to Los Angeles to join in the creation of the new DreamWorks Animation studio, founded by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen.

As Co-Head of Artistic Development at DreamWorks, Shelley supervised the hiring and training of up to 70 artists in preparation for DreamWorks epic first animated project The Prince of Egypt(1997) which went on to win an Academy Award for the new studio. She was also part of the initial team of visual development artists working on Shrek.

Shelley’s film credits include: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, An American Tail 2, We’re Back, Balto, The Prince Of Egypt, The Road To Eldorado, Antz, Shrek, Spirit and DreamWorks releases Sinbad and Shrek 2.

In 1997 Shelley was appointed DreamWorks European representative for Feature Animation and moved back to London. She currently travels extensively around Europe seeking new animation talent for DreamWorks and PDI.

Shelley is on the advisory board and jury of The London Animation and Effects Festival (LEAF), Imagina (Monte Carlo), Animated Encounters (Bristol), Annecy (France) and the 3D Festival (Copenhagen). She is also on the advisory board or graduation jury of several leading 3D animation schools including Bournemouth University NCCA program, Supinfocom (France), Gobelins (France).