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February 09

:: Awards DVD with film extras 23 Feb 09
 To coincide with this year's Animex Awards winners and runners DVD, we're pleased to announce that this year's DVD includes films from the Animation Workshop, Gobelins, The Arts Institute at Bournemouth and the Vancouver Film School and many more. To order a copy for yourself or for your school/college library send us your completed order form.
:: Get snappy 03 Feb 09
 We want to see how Animex looks to you from behind a lens – that could mean a photo of you with your favourite speaker, your new best friend, your favourite place on our campus or town - or just an Animex moment.
:: Studio AKA – Lost and Found – free screening tonight 03 Feb 09
 We are pleased to announce that we will be screening Studio AKA’s Lost and Found tonight at Cineworld.