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December 08

:: Black Rock confirm for Animex 15 Dec 08
 We are very pleased to be welcoming Black Rock Studio to Animex for the first time this year. Many people who have experienced managing teams of artists and programmers throughout the game development process tend to refer to the experience as like herding cats! Production Director Alice Guy's background in large scale project management and production has had quite an impact on the way things are now done at Black Rock, and she’s keen to share her experiences with an Animex audience.
:: Workshop bookings now being taken 15 Dec 08
 We’ve got a fabulous feast of workshops for you to choose from.
:: A hat-trick for The House of Curves 09 Dec 08
 Andrew Daffy and Matt Estela, co-directors of London-based studio school The House of Curves, come to the festival in February with plenty to say!
:: Blue Sky’s first trip to Teesside 09 Dec 08
 Blue Sky Studios have been responsible for creating some of the most memorable characters in recent animated movies like Ice Age, Robots and Horton Hears a Who.
:: Award-winning digital pioneer speaks at Talk 09 Dec 08
 Scott F Johnston is responsible for creating some of the most memorable animated sequences in recent history, including the wildebeest stampede in Disney's The Lion King and the ballroom sequence in Beauty and the Beast. Of note is also his work as Artistic Co-ordinator on the Warner Brothers classic The Iron Giant.
:: Framestore's first feature exclusive at Animex 02 Dec 08
 Andy Lomas, Head of CG at Framestore, comes to Animex to talk about the studio’s very first fully animated feature film.