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December 07

:: Workshop booking forms available NOW! 21 Dec 07
 The ever popular Animex Workshop schedule is finally ready and there are some fantastic opportunities for those intending to be here!
:: New Award Category for 2009 20 Dec 07
 It’s been another great year for the Animex Awards. Thank you to all the lecturers and students who have sent their work into this year’s event. Once again we shall be putting together a programme of material that showcases the very best in student animation and computer games art from across the world. This year was an exceptional year for Eastern European animation. It was also an exceptional year for claymation despite the fact that we currently don’t have a category to support this form of animation.
:: 3D World 98's CGI Ivy League table 03 Dec 07
 Teesside makes the top 20 in 3D World's first ever global 'Ivy League' table of the world's top animation schools.