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Animex Game - Fully Booked

Programme: 5 February

Please note: line-up and timetabling is subject to change.

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9.15am Registration (Foyer of Europa Building)
10.00am Panel Session
Breaking into the Industry
  Industry professionals share their story and dish out advice on getting into the industry. Have your questions at the ready!
11.15am Break
11.30am Alex Trowers, Weirdwood
Better by design: where + why < how
  Alex, of newly founder Weirdwood, shouts about low-level gameplay mechanics and why they're so damn important. Sure you know what you're trying to do and why but if that designer chap hasn't made the how part fun, the game's not going to be very good. There will be some pointers as to just why certain things are fun and what things you should really avoid even though they may sound like the best idea at the time.
12.30am Lunch
1.30pm Ken Wong, Spicy Horse
Uncharted waters: the production and art design of American McGee's Grimm
  Art Director Ken speaks about how Spicy Horse's upcoming game Grimm began as rough ideas, its evolution through many designs into an episodic, fairytale twisting genre-bending game, and how the game's art style was designed to complement the game's unique production and delivery concepts.
2.15pm BAFTA-sponsored session
 Bafta-sponsored session
  Sanjay Mistry, Electronic Arts, a high profile industry figure from BAFTA's games committee joins us to discuss his career and issues close to his heart.
3.00pm Break
4.00pm Jeep Barnet, Valve
From Narbacular Drop to Portal
  Valve programmer Jeep shares the fairytale story of how his team was given the opportunity to turn their student game into Valve's most exciting recent release and discusses the challenges they faced in creating an innovative new gaming concept.
5.00pm Close