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Animex Game - Fully Booked

Programme: 4 February

Please note: line-up and timetabling is subject to change.

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8.30am Registration (Foyer of Europa Building)
10.00am Welcome and Opening Address
Gabrielle Kent - Animex Game
10.15am Rhianna Pratchett, Freelance scriptwriter
Holding out for a hero
  Rhianna talks about the importance of character creation in videogames; exploring heroes, villains and knobbly creatures in between, with examples from some of her most recent games including Overlord and Heavenly Sword.
11.15am Break
11.30am Jonathan Smith, TT Games
Building with LEGO - Travellers Tales
  Jonathan takes you behind the scenes at TT Games, the makers of LEGO Star Wars, and discusses the building blocks of a global games franchise.
12.30am Lunch
1.30pm Mark Davies, Ninja Theory
The level lifecycle: A Heavenly Sword chapter from conception to completion
  Mark looks at the development process of a level - beginning with the initial germ of an idea, following through the various stages of gestation until the finished article is created. He will be taking a look at the Temple level as an example of the first level that was created and in many ways the showpiece for many of the most important elements of the game they wanted to convey.
2.15pm Beverley Bright, Bizarre Creations Ltd
Textures and shaders in the HD era
  Now that gaming can be experienced in glorious HD, the quality of in-game textures is under greater scrutiny than ever before. Beverley explores the methods and solutions that Bizarre Creations employed in PGR4 in their quest to bring greater realism to this highly successful driving game.
3.00pm Break
3.15pm Louise Ridgeway, Rare
Games with character: The importance of creating characters with personality in a game
  Animation Supervisor Louise discusses the importance of creating interesting and appealing characters within a game environment. Good, strong animation is the key to creating such personalities and the key to good animation lies within the basic principles of animation.
4.00pm Jordan Thomas, 2k Marin
White space
  Jordan discusses narrative subjectivity and visual storytelling techniques in level design, using Fort Frolic from Bioshock and the Shalebridge Cradle in Thief: Deadly Shadows as examples.
5.00pm Close
7.00pm Players' Lounge
Hub, Students' Union, University of Teesside