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Animex Exhibition

4 - 8 February

Europa Building, University of Teesside

H G Welles martian, D'IsraeliAnimex Exhibition is an illustrative accompaniment to the various aspects of the festival; in a sense it's the place where each of the festival's themes comes together. It offers a view into the studios, labs and workshops of those creative artists whose work in areas such as character development, texture mapping, 3D rendering and the animation process is so crucial to the highly sophisticated nature of the games and images with which we interact today.

Comics will form the main focus of this year's Animex Exhibition and special emphasis will be given to the display of work by selected comic book artists. From Krazy Kat to graphic novels, the comic book genre has been, and remains, an influential and important cultural form. Animex Exhibition will offer the chance to see what goes into the design and composition of this perennially popular format.

Animex Exhibition is open to everyone and provides a particularly exciting learning experience for the younger participants at the festival. Gaining an understanding of the creative processes that go into the production of the various games and animations on display significantly enhances the ways in which we can engage with them.

We hope that Animex Exhibition 2008 will have something to interest everyone and, who knows, we might even discover or encourage the next generation of animators and games designers.

Stephen Murray
Curator, Animex Exhibition