Mary Margaret Walker

mary-margaret.com As CEO, Mary Margaret leads the recruitment strategies and new business endeavors for Mary-Margaret.com. She brings to the role 14 years of experience in recruiting and 6 years of experience in video game development.  Prior to moving to recruiting in 1996, Mary Margaret was Manager of Studio Services for The 3DO Company managing the milestones and development process of all projects in production and the hiring of over 200 employees. Previously, she was at Origin Systems where she created the company’s Human Resources department and contributed to titles in development as a Design Manager. 

Mary Margaret is a regular speaker at international trade shows and has authored numerous articles.  She was a contributing author to Ernest Adams' popular book, Break Into The Game Industry: How to Get a Job Making Video Games.  A founding member of the IGDA, Mary Margaret holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Texas Christian University and an MBA from Sacred Heart University.