Tia Perkins

Tia Perkins Tia has been working as full time animator in Bristol, UK for over eight years. In her spare time, she continues to work on personal projects, having achieved success with her own work since graduating from Surrey Institute of Art and Design in 1996.

Tia’s student film ‘Born to Bingo’ (1995) was shown at the Cardiff International Animation Festival and was nominated for a LEAF award in 1996. In 1999 she won the Nickelodeon International Storyboard Competition and went on to create the character ‘Music Monster’ for Nick Jnr. Music Monster has been shown at Anima Mundi in 2000 and more recently, won a Platinum award at Promax+BDA in Los Angeles, 2003. In 2004, her short film ‘Yeti’ was screened at Anima Mundi in Rio and entertained music fans at the Glastonbury festival. Her fifth film; ’No easy way’, was co-directed by Jaime Pardo, in 2004. It was nominated for an Imagina award at the start of 2005. At this time Jaime and Tia took part in an innovative film scheme with Hewlitt Packard, entitled SE3D. The resulting film; ‘Ebenezer Morgan’s Photography Emporium’ is currently enjoying success on the international festival circuit including Annecy, Cartoons on the Bay, Seoul and Rushes.